The Good the Bad and the Baby

Yesterday was quite a day! It started with my monthly routine trip to the OBGYN where I learned that I haven’t gained any weight and I heard the baby’s heart beat. My second appointment was with a specialist for the NT scan to check for extra fluid behind the baby’s neck which can be an indicator for downs. I talked to a genetic counselor for a while about different chromosome abnormalities and amniocentesis. I told her that if the NT scan showed indicators of some abnormalities I would most likely have an amnio done. Then I had the ultrasound. It was a pretty large room, I guess you can bring family members with you. There was a large screen monitor on the wall for me to see the babes. It was the most amazing thing to see this tiny human with his/her legs crossed, moving all around. Cute as can be! I was really sad Shane hadn’t come with me but we have the next one. I told the ultrasound nurse that I had a small tear in my placenta and she said.. ” I see it.” About 1/2 hour of getting pictures and taking measurements she left to write-up the results. Dr. Stanco, the head specialist came back into the room and said that she was very concerned about the Subchorionic Hemorrhage or tear that I have in my placenta. I told her that I knew about it early on and was told to keep my activity level low, walking no running ect. She said ” well whatever you have been doing has not helped.” Jeez thanks! I asked her what can happen if it get’s worse and she said that the bleeding can cause the placenta to pull away from the uterine wall causing a miscarriage. She suggested bed rest but told me she was faxing all the info to my OB and they would contact me with their opinions. It was so surreal. I went in to find out about chromosome abnormalities, forgot all about everything once I saw our baby and then was hit with this news. I left very upset and still no answer about the NT measurements.
I got a call from my OB later last night. She said that Subchorionic Hemorrhage’s are fairly common and they are not exactly sure what causes them. She did say that most tears heal  themselves with time. She suggested for me to lay low, no work, no excercise, no carrying or lifting things. Basically stay off my feet as much as possible. I go back in  a month to my OB and back to the specialist in Dec. I have done a little reading on this complication and it seems that most do go away with time and rest. Here is some more information..

On a good note, my Dr. said that the NT scan came back and the fluid was low which is good. So I feel I can put that worry to rest!

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3 thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Baby

  1. What a sweet pic. Want you to know that you, baby, and Shane are in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care.

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