1st Trimester Recap

During 2 week wait:

  • extreme thirst
  • no desire for chocolate

After the good news:

  • still thirsty up til 7 weeks
  • tired

After progesterone shots ended ( 9 weeks ):

  • morning sickness all day all night. Need to snack  throughout the day.
  • bathroom trips more frequent, waking up 4-6 times a night
  • No more chicken, made me sick thinking about it.
  • Water with lemon or lemonade always tasted good.
  • Started thinking about chocolate again
  • pants started to get tight.
  • craving everything I shouldn’t eat….Ice cream, donuts, french fries ect.

 12 weeks:

  • morning sickness eased up
  • spotting and cramping/ subchorionic hemorrhage found

13 weeks:

  • Felt babies first flutters 🙂

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