Waiting is the hardest part

I have been on bed rest for a few weeks now, plenty of time to dwell on my first trimester test results. I know, I know stop worrying but when I’m laying awake in the middle of the night there isn’t anything else to think about. All I do is lay around the house reading and watching TV. Somedays are better than others but on the bad days it’s really hard to stop thinking about what will be. I have played out every outcome that can happen and I have gone over and over all the questions I have for the Periontologist. I definitely regret not asking more questions at that last appointment regarding the nuchal test and signs for Down Syndrome. At the time all I cared about was the Subchorionic tear that they saw. I find myself making excuses for the positive blood test, “maybe it’s because of all the stim meds during IVF, maybe they have my due date wrong and the test is off, maybe I had my blood drawn too early.” Yes you can say that sometimes I drive myself crazy!  However I am getting through this because I have a wonderful supportive husband who has made bed rest a little easier and has been very positive through all of this. He has been amazing!!

One week until the Amnio and who knows how long it takes to get the results back. I am really looking forward to hearing that everything will be fine and to find out what we are having. Hopefully by Thanksgiving so we have something to really be thankful for.

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4 thoughts on “Waiting is the hardest part

  1. My heart goes out to you Sweetie. You are doing a great job. Thank you for the updates. Take good care. Love to you, Shane, and Baby.

  2. Hey Kim thanks for the updates!! I read them…when there is any new ones so keep them coming. Bed rest may be boring, but just think of the outcome in the end. A little Kim or a little Shane. Hmmm that could be scary…a little Shane. Down right frightening. LOL Keep the positive thinking a coming.

  3. Thank you for reading..I was just able to wrestle the computer away from Shane so I could update…Oh and Shane wants me to tell you that he was and is an angel…LOL

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