Ultrasound and Amnio

Thursday was our appointment with the Periontologist. First was the ultrasound that showed our active little one. The Dr. measured and checked the heart, kidneys and nasal bone. ect. All looked good. The baby is actually measuring a little big. Then like a good little baby, the little one flipped over so we could get a view of the private parts and what do you know….It’s a girl!! I was overjoyed and Shane a little shocked..he really thought he was getting a boy but I know he will be smitten with his little girl. The subchorionic hemorrhage is still there and there is something going on with the umbilical cord, not sure exactly what but the Dr. said that “most of the time” everything is fine. They will just need to keep an eye on it because it can affect the growth of the baby but like I said so far she is measuring big, so that’s a good thing!
Next came the amnio and because of my tear and needing to keep away from the baby the Dr. had to insert the needle very low into my abdomen. I will not lie, it hurt like a bitch!! We will get the results in about 10 days but we also ordered FISH results which are rapid results for Downs, Trisomy and anatomy. They should be in by Monday.

As for the tear I am still on bed rest until it is gone. We go back to the Peri on Dec. 12 to check on it and the baby’s measurement.

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