FISH results

This morning I got a call from a genetic counselor with my preliminary amnio results and it came back normal…PHEW!! They also confirmed that we are having a girl. I should receive the full results in another week. What a relief! Even though the amnio was painful and the waiting even more so, I would do it again and again for that piece of mind. 

I  had my OBGYN appointment this afternoon and all looks good. They have scheduled me for an ultrasound in 2 weeks to check the tear and the placenta. I also have another ultrasound a week after that with the Periontologist for the same thing, definitely keeping an eye on it!

I am feeling the flutters of baby more every day, the best feeling ever! I now get to  begin planning the nursery and I will post pics to get opinions. I have so many ideas it’s going to be hard to nail just one down so maybe you can help!

5 thoughts on “FISH results

  1. I’m so happy about this news. Now let’s see if you can do all your planning from the comfort of your bed and/or couch. Aren’t you still supposed to be on restricted activity?

  2. That is all good news. I’d be happy to share my opinion! I’m sure Grandma JoAnne will be able to help with that too! LOL
    Keep sending us good news.

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