18 weeks=fifth month

Some say that your fifth month of pregnancy starts at 17 weeks and goes until week 20. But according to What to Expect While Your Expecting the fifth month starts at 18 weeks. I don’t know who is right but either way I am officially in my fifth month! . My belly is getting a little firmer and rounder even though I still don’t think I look pregnant.  I have felt her moving around a lot the last 2 days. That is the neatest and strangest thing I have ever experienced.
With all this time on my hands I have managed to finish our Babys R Us registry. It seems like so much stuff but the fact that I can’t go looking and shopping myself, most of it has to be done online. I think I did a pretty good job!
As for the nursery, my dad went and picked up some paint swatches that are now taped on the wall. I am definitely going with grey paint and espresso furniture. Now it’s deciding on the accent color. Pink, the obvious choice, really looks nice with the grey.


Yellow is usually used as a neutral color but it looks really good with grey, white and espresso too.

Then of course we will need an area rug. This will probably be the hardest purchase as rugs tend to be pricy..Expecially the cute ones!

Hmmm! Well I have plenty of time to make these decisions I guess.

3 thoughts on “18 weeks=fifth month

  1. I also like the pink and I’m not a pink person. Just a little pink brings all together. I’m sure Shane won’t be pleased with my comment.

  2. Nothing wrong with pink, I mean she is a girl. I do think we will be going with the yellow though. This way the room can grow with her. Who know she may end up being a tomboy and hate pink like here father!

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