Is That the Light at the of the Tunnel?

This morning I had a follow-up appointment with the pregnancy  specialist and it seems things are looking up. Baby is measuring at 20 weeks which is great since I am 20 weeks on Wednesday and the subchorionic tear seems to be getting smaller. The Dr. said at our last appointment my tear measured 5cm and now it’s down to 2cm. This is great news however I am still a little skeptical. Last time the tear wasn’t noticed at its full size until a second look was taken before the amnio. I expressed my concerns and we asked if she was going to take another look but she seemed sure that the tear had indeed shrank. Soooo in spirit of the holidays she said I can start moving around some. I can do some errands and  make some food, ect. ect.  Still no exercising or over doing it. She told me to take a lot of breaks in between tasks and that if I experience any cramping or bleeding I need to stop and put my feet up. I go back in a month for another checkup. This was great to hear, not only because we are heading in the right direction but because I am dying to do a little shopping! 🙂

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