Half way!

Today I am 20 weeks, also know as half way to meeting my baby girl 🙂 I can happily say that I am starting to look prego and not just like I ate too many cupcakes.  

Thanks to my dad, the nursery is now painted a nice shade of gray! It turned out exactly how I had hoped. Here are two pictures, one with the light on and one with it off.                  

I also got a chance to go to Babys R Us with Shane. I haven’t been able to do any in store browsing since I have been pregnant. I also got to glance at some of the stuff we registered for and I couldn’t leave without buying baby K at least one thing.     

Aren’t those cute? Now that I am more mobile I am slowly hoping to get the nursery all cleaned out, start purchasing off my registry and get the room ready for her arrival!

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