Just another thing…

Today was my 20 week appointment with my OBGYN and all looked good. Although, I have something called velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord. Normally the cord runs from the middle of the placenta to the baby but with velamentous insertion it runs along the side of the placenta. This could affect how much oxygen she is getting. My Dr. said not to worry, she is getting plenty of oxygen, just not as much as if the cord was placed normally. They will check her growth at each appointment to make sure she is growing accordingly to her gestation. If she seems to stop growing or shows signs that the cord is affecting her then I will start to be monitored at the hospital 2 times a week. Just another thing in this long hard journey to motherhood. So far she is growing normal, moving around constantly and is a strong kicker..She’s gonna be a soccer player, she is, she is! We just cross our fingers that this continues. My Dr. said as long as I feel her move at least once a day right now, we are good!

One thought on “Just another thing…

  1. So glad to hear the Dr.’s are on their game. It sounds like you are in good hands. We’re all cheering you on Sweetie. You are an awesome Mommy.

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