Periontologist update

This morning was my follow-up appointment with the pregnancy specialists. I went in hoping that baby girl is growing along with her age and that the tear is better if not gone, that’s what I hoped to hear. Icing on the cake would be that I can start some swimming or anything to burn some calories. Guess what? That’s exactly what I got 🙂

Baby K is looking good, weighing 1lb 7 oz putting her right where she should be. They couldn’t see the tear or any bleeding anymore…phew! I have been taken off restrictions for the most part. I can slowly start some low impact exercises like swimming, the stationary bike, walking and stretching but if I have any symptoms ie; cramping, contractions, fluid leaking ect. I have to stop. I am supposed to ease my way into this and then I will go back in 4 weeks to be checked out again. Looks like my teaching days are done for a while though. I guess it’s just too much “on my feet” and she called it a “strenuous” job, which is true. 

The other thing she said was that I still had the Velamentous insertion and something called succenturiate lobed placenta which is when there is two parts of the placenta and one is significantly bigger than the other. The cord is running between the two. She didn’t give me much more info than that, just said they need to continue to monitor her growth. Scary how it’s always something when I go in for an exam! Next week I have my OBGYN appointment and a Gestational diabetes test. FUN!

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3 thoughts on “Periontologist update

  1. Sounds like a great report. I guess you won’t need Gordon. He is still on standby if things changes.

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