25 Weeks/Update

This morning was my OBGYN appointment and I left feeling so much better than I had been this past week. I met a new Dr. like I do every time but he was great. First thing I said was ” I am very anxious about this lobed placenta thing and no one has given me any explanation about it.” He sat down and drew out a picture for me and explained it: My placenta is in two parts with the cord in between. Normally the placenta is one piece and is up towards the women’s chest and posterior to the baby. Mine is in front on the baby a bit but it’s still up where it should be. If the placenta is low and the cord crosses the cervix then it can be fatal to the baby once the membranes rupture. This is called Vasa Previa and I do not have it…thank goodness!! He said that succenturiate lobed placenta isn’t common but they do see it quite a bit since they deliver so many babies. The only danger it poses ( as of now ) is if part of the placenta doesn’t get removed  it can cause problems in the mother.  I go back in 3 weeks to the pregnancy specialist and to the OBGYN and hopefully it’s all good from here. After that I am seen every 2 weeks. I can’t believe the end in near…

My Glucose test results still weren’t in but he said that they will only contact me if there is a problem. Fingers crossed I don’t get a phone call!

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2 thoughts on “25 Weeks/Update

  1. That is the best news. I can’t believe there is only 105 days left. I’m still waiting to hear where the crib is.

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