27 Weeks 5 Days Update

I went back to see the Pregnancy Specialist this morning for the monthtly follow-up ultrasound. It’s always fun to see baby girl, especially when it’s a positive experience. Kaili is doing great! Measuring 1 week ahead, weighing 2lbs. 11 oz. Everything looks fine, Dr. says that the Velementous cord doesn’t seem to be bothering her one bit.

We also talked about D-day and it looks like there is no reason for a C-section. She doesn’t think any of the issues I have will affect her. She did follow that up with “1 out of every 5 woman having a vaginal delivery end up with a C-section for some reason or another”. However, the OR is right across the hall from Labor and Delivery which makes everything a bit easier.

Here are a couple pictures of Baby.

                                                                              Hands covering her face

                                                                          She is most definitely a girl


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