That’s My Opinion

It’s amazing to me how hard of a time I had finding a couple of things for baby girls room. First was the hunt for an all white crib skirt. Seemed like an easy enough task except that nobody makes them. They have ugly browns, creams, stripes and polka dots and of course all the skirts that come with the bedding in a bag. The second item I wanted was a kids size bookcase. Something I could use for toys and books but was small enough for the space I had left in her room, apparently no furniture stores sell them, they just have the crib, bed, dresser and nightstand. I told one salesman that I thought it was crazy that bookcases aren’t available, all children should have books in their room. That’s my opinion. So I turned to where I found both of the items I wanted but that means it also comes with a shipping fee which is what I was hoping to avoid but what do you do? The bookcase was inexpensive so it probably wont last very long but will suffice for a few years, giving me time to find a decently built and well priced one preferably here in San Diego so we can pick it up! Ya know now that I think of it, I didn’t even think to look on DirectBuy. Oy!

Here is the final decision from Amazon:

I also ordered 2 pink bins that fit inside. Perfect for loose toys!

Once these arrive I will be all set to hang some shelves above the bookcase which should wrap up the nursery. Except for the diaper changing necessities, oh and a crib mobile. That is another thing I can’t seem find, well I can’t find one I like.

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