I’ve been home for a few days and the memory of how hard bed rest was came flooding back. It’s the simple things that are the hardest. Refilling my water, feeding the cat, these simple tasks are now out of my control. I have two drill sergeants making sure I don’t lift a finger. I know this is a good thing but I actually think I had more freedom at the hospital. No I am not complaining, just making an observation 🙂

So far I have been feeling good. I had a few contractions on Friday but luckily they didn’t progress and eventually disappeared. My hospital bag is pretty much packed just in case I don’t come home from my Dr. appt. on Monday morning.

Tonight is our monthly dinner theme night, we all assumed it would be cancelled but luckily since I am home our friends are bringing the dinner to me. Shane is in the kitchen attempting to make caprese salad. Amazing how hard it is to delegate even an easy recipe from the couch. On the menu: roasted veggies, caprese salad, pickled veggies, ceviche, orecchiette with hazelnuts and goat cheese and an orange and olive oil cake.  Shane’s step dad is in for a treat, he doesn’t eat this sort of food. He called it “crazy California stuff.” LOL

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