0 lbs. Gained

I had my Dr. appointment this morning and I have to say the highlight was the weigh-in. It has been hard watching the scale go up up and away at each appointment. I know I am supposed to gain weight but when you spend most of your adult life cautiously trying to keep it at a certain number, it gets a little frightening to see. With that said, I have gained the appropriate amount of weight so far, but after these last few weeks I was sure I was going to be horrified once I stepped on the scale this morning. These hospitals keep you well fed with the likes of club sandwiches, caeser salads, french toast, omelets and forget about the desserts.  I had cheesecake and a white cake at the OC hospital and pudding, ice cream and a miniature birthday cake at the SD hospital. Follow that up with our dinner party which boasted amazing desserts like tiramisu, cannoli’s, apple tart and orange olive oil cake. So imagine my surprise when the scale was exactly where is was at the last time I was in.  It definitely wasn’t from lack of trying.

The rest of the appointment went well. I wasn’t put on the monitors like I thought I would be. He just measured my belly, which has grown and we listened to baby’s heartbeat and that looked good. He told me to continue the Nifedipine, remain off my feet and come back in 2 weeks. I mentioned to him that I am still having some contractions but he assures that it’s fine and normal to have them as long as they’re not every few minutes or become painful.  He keeps reassuring me that even if baby comes now she will be fine but I see it like this. It’s like piece of chicken you order at a restaurant , you assume it will arrive cooked but when you cut off a piece of it the flesh has a pink tint to it. It’s not fully cooked and the skin isn’t crisp. You have the waiter take it back and they most likely throw it back in the oven to finish the cooking. My baby would be like that chicken, underdone but can continue to cook in the NICU. I prefer her to come to my table well done.

Next Monday is my 32 week ultrasound with the specialist. I am looking forward to seeing the little munchkin again.

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