One and Done?

I have had a few people ask me if we will have another child after baby K arrives safe and sound. Shane and I have completely different answers to this question. We are paying to keep our embryos frozen because we were most definitely going to have more children, but since this pregnancy and the toll it has taken on me emotionally I don’t know if I definitely want to do this again anymore.

Then there is the “only child” stigma. I want our daughter to have a companion during her childhood and to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her. I don’t want her clinging to my leg each morning when it’s time to say goodbye at school or when mom and dad want a night out. I believe separation anxiety is harder on children who don’t have siblings. And when she’s older I don’t want her to be lonely,  I want her to have that special bond with a sibling, experience the unconditional love that comes from family members. I want her to have someone she can share her secrets with and attach to on family vacations.

All I know right now is that my uterus is fried and done. Once baby K arrives the oven is closed, at least for a while. Who knows though, once I see her sweet face I may be ready to talk about baby number 2.

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