The Nursery (almost complete)

Gordon put together the bookcase yesterday  and we almost had the crib skirt on but it needs to be ironed first. So when he gets back from his day off he will be put to work. I also have 2 shelves that I would like him or Shane to hang that will go over the bookcase. I thought that would be a good place for the baby monitor. Here are a few pictures of her unfinished room:

3 thoughts on “The Nursery (almost complete)

  1. Too cute, Kim!! What are those things hanging from the ceiling. I like them whatever they are. The tree and the owl came out good too.

  2. Thanks Kellie. Those thingys are called Pom Poms. I got them from it’s a great site, if you haven’t visitied before check it out!

  3. Why didn’t I see that last night? LOL It looks great, chica! You did an awesome job 🙂

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