Pity Party

Shane came home last night with a bunch of goodies from the baby shower his Ventura co-workers threw us. I was originally planning on going up with him this week to attend the shower and spend some time wandering Ventura but obviously that didn’t happen. They went above and beyond for being practically strangers. One of his co-workers made a bunch of delicious goodies: hummus, Tabbouleh, baklava and some sort of turnovers. Not only did she make these for the shower, she remade them for him to take home for me. I am stuffed full of all these goodies as I type. They also bought us a bunch of fun stuff: the pack n play, cute outfits, a super soft blanket, some onsies and wash cloths and a few binkies. Since we went ahead a cancelled my baby showers in OC and SD, I sort of felt like I got a taste of what it would have been like. It was fun getting gifts for baby K and fun putting her stuff in her room and fun eating all the goodies.

On the flip side it makes me sad knowing that I wont get my own baby shower experience. This pregnancy has just been so hard. I think the more someone wants a baby the harder it has to be to have one. I know canceling the showers was the best option since there is no way of knowing where I will be tomorrow but I want to be “showered” with food, family, friends and gifts too. Is it too much to ask? Shoot, I have spent most of last year at the Dr. office and most of this pregnancy on bed rest? I know when I hold my bundle of joy all of this will faint into a distant memory but for now I will have my own little pity party on the couch with the baklava.

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