Breaking News

The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On and crashed into We All Have Problems before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Reporting LIVE from Quitin my  Bitchin!

I have realized that little things like getting upset and or stressed out bring on contractions. I also found out today that spiders bring on contractions as well. How do I know this you ask? As I was basking in the sun today I felt something crawling on my leg. I swiped away what  I assumed was a fly when I saw a nice size black spider crawling up my shin. I panicked as any normal person would do, scrambled to roll up my magazine to flick it off me and then flatten the sucker ( sorry mom). As soon as I regained my composure and wiped the spider insides off my magazine I realized I was having a contraction, spiders do cause more than just a bite.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Still looking on the bright side – how many other places in this country would you be basking in the sun? 🙂

    Anyway, we haven’t given up on your showers, just postponed them so you can enjoy them too and we don’t have to send leftovers home with Shane!

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