Big Day

I actually slept a total span of 3 1/2 hours without waking! I couldn’t believe it, usually I wake up every hour and a half to two hours. My body must have known to prepare for my big day out of the house.

I had my monthly appointment with the Pregnancy specialist this morning. Everything is looking  A-OK. My cervix is looking good, so these contractions that are still rearing their ugly head aren’t doing much to change it. That is a good thing. Baby is practicing her breathing, this is usually a 9 month milestone so she is ahead of the game. Oh and we saw her yawn which was by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love her! Today she weighs 4 lbs. 1 oz.  From what I have read a baby gains about 1/2 lb. a week from 32 weeks on. If that is true and she doesn’t make her debut until May, I am looking a delivering an 8 lb or plus baby. Can you say OUCH?

After my appointment Gordon took me to the salon for a much-needed haircut. It really is nice to get out of the house, even on a wet and gloomy day. Now I am back to my regularly scheduled day on the couch , a bowl of yummy chili  that DH made and  hours of daytime TV with some computer time mixed in!

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