From very early on in this pregnancy I have had very vivid dreams and I remember reading that these dreams were most likely a side effect of Progesterone which I think has a little to do with it but according to  Web MD. “Dream content changes as a woman’s body changes, her dreams echo her changing condition and both her hopes and her fears about the coming child.” It goes on to say that during the first trimester there are a lot of dreams containing “fertility imagery” as in flowers, gardens, fruit and water, water symbolizing the amniotic fluid.  Second trimester dreams start to reflect the change in the baby and the mother’s body. The Third trimester  dreams apparently become more telling, specific dreams about the baby, not being prepared, forgetting or dropping the baby or difficulties during labor.

I have had some very strange dreams throughout this pregnancy and yes I have had a few as the Web MD article has suggested, but not entirely. I know it’s not exciting hearing about other people’s dream, I know this because my wonderful DH told me so! I will spare you the details but so you get the gist of how weird my dreams have been during this last month I will share a little: One dream featured Cher, Asian prostitutes and our cleaning ladies in the old San Ramon house. Another one had an appearance by Alec Baldwin and a liquor tasting  festival located on a secluded beach. Last nights dream was about Paul Bunion and a dinosaur museum in the desert. So if third trimester dreams are supposed to be more telling, then what is my body trying to tell me?

* Please remember DH= Dear Husband not Dick Head 😉
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