How Much Does One Baby Really Need?

I am starting to stress out about what we don’t have yet for baby K. Yesterday I started to feel the same symptoms that landed me in the hospital; cramping and backache, I just didn’t feel very good for most of the day. So I made sure I was drinking plenty of water, took some Tylenol and tried to take my mind off of it. Then I remembered that even though baby K’s not actually due until May, she could come at any time. This got me worrying about how even though her room is full of furniture and cute as can be, we really don’t have anything else for her. I searched different websites to see what is necessary to have before the baby comes home. What I found was this: one needs: a bassinet ( that is one thing we do have) bedding, a first aid kit that has thermometer and nasal aspirator, bath supplies, car seat, feeding supplies, bouncer or swing, diapers/wipes and clothing. Then we can’t forget the other littles things like a breast pump, breast pads, diaper genie and Boppy pillow for breastfeeding.

I can hear my mom saying something along the lines of “we  didn’t have those  things when you were a baby and we managed just fine.” Maybe some of the items aren’t as much of a necessity as others but we are in 2011 and if there are some new products that will make my life easier, I consider that a necessity. Yes, I know that some things can be bought the days after she arrives but who wants to be the  run to Babies R Us or Target for a diaper pale, baby formula or nipple cream at the last-minute? Any one who knows me knows that I would be worrying about all the little things we don’t have every night and throughout the whole labor process.

So to answer my own question, I guess a baby actually needs quite a bit of stuff. Oh and by the way, the cramping and backache has subsided so no need to visit Labor and Delivery today.

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