5 thoughts on “Sharing the Cuteness!

  1. Don’t be stressing yourself out regarding the things BabyK will need. Everything will work out. I know you want everything perfect and somehow it will come together. How are the drill sergeants doing?

  2. Thank you! I know it will be fine, I think it’s hard because I can’t do anything. I am relying on other people to get stuff done and that is hard. The nesting has kicked in!
    The Drill sergeants are good. They keep me in check. G is taking good care of me! I am looking forward to being further on in this pregnancy and taken off bed rest. Maybe then I can get a little done being back on my feet..

  3. Tell B he can come teach me if he wants 😉 Etsy.com has some of the cutest things for babies…it’s a dangerous place to be on.

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