Not So Bad

Hi my name is Kim and I am a pregnancy and baby website lurker.

I keep myself occupied throughout the hours of the day and the days of the week by lurking sites like and I browse the boards where the women are due in May as well, I find some of what I read to be quite insightful. Posts on what to pack for the hospital or breast pump recommendations. And it’s nice to know that I am not the only one having contractions or have been to Labor and Delivery. It turns out that there is a whole underground society of women on hospital bed rest. The rest of what I read is  just highly entertaining. Mostly different things about the baby daddy’s, there are some wacky people out there. The one thing it has helped me realize is that with my complications and bed rest aside, I really haven’t had a bad pregnancy. I had minimal morning sickness in the beginning. Weight gain has been under control. Didn’t get gestational diabetes, varicose veins, swollen ankles or feet. I can still put my shoes on all by myself. I have been carrying her low so I haven’t had any breathing issues and heartburn hasn’t been bad. My breasts have stayed the same and haven’t been sore at all and some women complain about back ache and sciatic pain, haven’t experienced that either. Some women get pretty neurotic with the ” do not eat” food list. I have stayed away from raw cookie dough and the high mercury fish but I still enjoy deli meat ( heated up ) and tuna fish sandwiches once in a while. I have had some smoked fish and I like to have 1 cup of coffee or tea each morning. There isn’t much that I miss since I haven’t deprived myself too much. I must say I am ready to enjoy a glass of wine or two but it really hasn’t been that bad. With that said I do still have a month and a half to go so I hope I didn’t just Jinx myself. Looking on the bright side I guess things could be worse 🙂

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