Well my doctor gave me back the keys to my old life. I am no longer on bed rest and I am SO damn happy about it! I already have my whole weekend planned. Mani-pedi, lunch in Del mar and maybe even a trip to the mall, isn’t just so exciting? Well for me it is! I do however have to take it slow because my body isn’t used to all this excitement. At the end of our trip to Albertson’s the contractions were back and my lower back was aching.

I also asked the doctor to take a look to see how my cervix was doing. She said it was soft and could feel baby’s head. She doesn’t think I will have a baby this weekend, probably not this next week but possibly any time after. It will be interesting if being off bed rest causes things to “move” along faster than if I was sitting on my ass all day. My next appointment is next Friday. But for now it’s one day at a time.

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