35 Weeks

Although it hasn’t been an easy road, I have safely made it to 35 weeks . After some calculations I figured out that I have been on bed rest for 17 of those weeks.  So basically half of this pregnancy, it seems like a lot more in my head.  Two more days! Two more days until my next Dr. appointment where I will hopefully hear 4 wonderful words. “NO MORE BED REST”!

I am feeling a lot better than I was on Sunday. Headache is gone, emotions are in check and no more nausea. I still have contractions and cramps every so often but nothing regular. I am so anxious to see if this false labor has made any changes in my cervix.

I always thought that false labor or Braxton Hicks contractions were supposed to be painless. But what I am experiencing is cramping like Aunt Flo just arrived. It isn’t awful pain but it makes me stop and take notice and keeps me up at night. All I could think of last night were those pain assessment charts they have at the hospital. The nurses ask you to tell them how much pain you are in by using the number that goes along with the face, like this:

I don’t really like that chart. I don’t see pain on those faces. Some look sad and the last two look like they have had food poisoning all day. I personally like this one much better, this guy looks like he is in actual pain:


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