Sunday Non-Funday

I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Tired, emotional and a little nauseous. The day seemed to drag and I had a hard time keeping the tears from streaming down my face. The worst part was I that I had no idea why I was feeling down. Shane kept wanting to help, “what’s wrong, what can I do?” It’s hard to explain to him that I had no clue why but I just didn’t feel well. I really wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, to save my sanity. So I asked Shane to take me to Henry’s so we could get some veggies for dinner. I know I know you’re thinking how I am on bed rest and that’s a no-no, but if my Dr. gave me the OK to go to Target then a quick trip for corn should be fine. While we were out I started getting cramps and along with them came more nausea. When we got home the cramps seemed to get a little worse and I was really feeling sick. I decided it was time to take a pill, have a warm shower and lay down. After an hour and about 5 or 6 contractions later, I called the after hours Dr. and told her my situation. I really wanted to know how long I was supposed to wait after taking the Nifedipine until I was supposed to go to triage at Labor and Delivery.  The doctor said that if I was indeed in labor they wont medically stop it at 34+ weeks. So I should just stay home, rest and see if it gets worse. Holy crap!

After another hour I started to feel a little better, the cramps and urge to vomit started to subside. It’s been a few hours now and I am still feeling better, I think whatever was happening has passed for the time being. Today was a big reminder that D day is getting close and it’s actually a little scary. Hopefully we can hold on a little while longer. I am very exhausted from this day and ready for a long night’s rest!

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