In with a Headache, Out with a Headache

Yesterday afternoon while I was waiting to hear back from  the Doctors office I decided to go to CVS pharmacy and check my blood pressure. I took it two different times and both times it was high. I was sure that was why my headache wasn’t going away. A little while later the nurse called back and told me to try Tylenol again and if the headache still didn’t go away to go to Labor and Delivery. Two Tylenol and a nap later I still had the stupid  headache. Shane suggested I go back to the pharmacy and check my blood pressure again and sure enough it was still high, actually a little higher this time. So about 7:30pm we headed to Labor and Delivery. During the drive there I was so nervous about going. I was worried once I checked in I wouldn’t check out.

By 8:30pm I was in a room hooked up to monitors and praying that I didn’t start having contractions. Those gurney’s are so uncomfortable and being uncomfortable is a big trigger for contractions. The nurse checked my blood pressure, amazingly it was normal, perfect actually, healthy as an Ox. Lesson  learned DO NOT trust your local pharmacy blood pressure machines. She didn’t see any signs of Pre-eclampsia or hypertension.

The nurse wanted to monitor the baby while she waited for my Dr. to call back with further instructions. About 10 minutes later she came in and said baby seemed sleepy so she wanted to wake her up so she could get a good heart rate reading . How do you wake a sleeping baby in a womb you ask? Well they use a small “buzzer” that vibrates and buzzes my stomach. Sure enough baby was awake after that. The nurse also brought in 2 containers of apple and cranberry juice to help keep her awake for a little bit. Around 10:00 she came back in and said all is good and I have a very healthy baby in me. Doctors orders were to give me a strong pain-killer and send me home, if I still had the headache tomorrow to call. Finally around 10:30pm and a percocet later, we went home and after all that I still had the headache.

It is now 1:00pm and the headache is still not gone. I have not called the doctor because I do not want to go back to the hospital. Part of me thinks the headaches get worse when I have a contraction, or maybe it’s because my body is adjusting to not having the pills around the clock, or it’s my eyesight. I have noticed that my eyesight has gotten worse during pregnancy. Whatever the cause I am going to try to make it through the weekend without calling the doctor.


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