Drug Free

Well it’s been over 24 hours since I stopped the Nifedipine and I am not in labor, so that’s a good sign. I took my last pill Tuesday evening and was feeling fine until noon yesterday. I had a couple of contractions that were a bit stronger and a lot longer than I am used to so I went ahead and took another pill. Since then I have had a few more of those contractions, they aren’t frequent but they last over 3 minutes. I don’t know if that is normal or not. I also developed a really bad headache yesterday that will not go away. So bad in fact that it woke up me up last night along with a contraction. I am now waiting for the nurse to call me back since the first thing I did this morning was call to complain 😉 I just want to make sure this headache doesn’t have anything to do with my blood pressure.

Yesterday was another day where baby K seemed lazy and since I had stopped the pills I wanted to make sure I could get my kick counts in. It took a few different sugary colds drinks to get her moving, but it worked. Drs and nurses say if you don’t get 10 kicks in an hour to drink something cold and sugary and then try again. This got me thinking. Being a teacher to young children for a long time now, I see with my own eyes what happens when you feed kids sugar even though studies have shown that “sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity”. I would love to invite anyone who thinks this to come to my classroom after the children eat cupcakes or ice cream. I have heard things like “it’s not the sugar but the excitement of the treats that cause them to act hyper”. So if that is true than why do babies in the womb start kung fu fighting a little while after mom consumes a coke? Can someone please explain?

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