The Great Wine Debate

Everyone has their own, usually strong opinions about drinking wine during pregnancy. My doctor said a glass of wine here and there is perfectly safe after the first trimester. People get in great debates over this subject. “Why even risk it?” “How much is OK?” “Women in Europe drink wine during pregnancy”, it goes on and on. Scientific data cannot determine how much alcohol is too much , however they didn’t find any negative effects on babies whose mothers drank minimal amounts during their pregnancy. So it is advised that no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. Obviously Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very real mental retardation but I do not think a glass of wine causes it. Actually I don’t even think a couple of glasses of wine a week causes it. I do think binge drinking, shots of tequila, keg stands, you know too much alcohol can cause it. See here is where it gets tricky, would I order a glass of wine at 9 months pregnant out at a restaurant? Hell no! Why? because I could just imagine that backlash, dirty looks and unsolicited advice I would get. I mean I even get dirty looks when I order a coffee at Starbucks..sheesh! So if I do want to have a little splash of vino I do it safely in the comfort of my home where I am not judged.

This brings me to Kate Hudson. If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, you will. Apparently Kate who is pregnant was photographed enjoying a glass of red wine while out on the town in Argentina. The media frenzy took over and now we will get to hear everyone’s 2 cents on what a terrible person she is and how dare she put her unborn child in danger.

I say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and apparently Argentinians like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, even during pregnancy!

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