Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Women

Annoying things etiquette-challenged people tend to say to pregnant women…but shouldn’t!

1. Any sentence that starts with ” Are you allowed to…?” eat that? take that? drink that? As long as I am not smoking, taking crack or drinking a 5th of vodka a day…leave me alone!

2. Any statement that starts with ,”Wow you”… eat a lot now… gained a lot of weight… Thank you Dr. obvious!!!

3. Telling me your pregnancy and or labor horror stories.
I have worried enough I don’t need to start worrying about that too!

4. Don’t tell me how out of shape or uncomfortable you are. I just don’t want to hear it!

5. Please don’t comment on my body. Don’t ever say, “wow you are big.” And please don’t tell me how small I look either, that is not comforting.

6. I really enoying hearing this..”You should get as much sleep now as you can, because when that baby comes, you’ll never get a chance to sleep.” Jeez thanks! I never thought of that…Ugh if I could get comfortable enough and didn’t have to pee every 45 minutes I would.

7. And for the women who have been on and off bed rest, we don’t need to hear “take it easy” and “don’t overdue it”  I am not stupid!!

8. Finally, do not touch a women’s belly WITHOUT permission!! If you didn’t put it there then back away!

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