Car Seats and Breasts

Did you know that 85% of parents install their child’s car seat the wrong way? That percentage made me a little uneasy so we decided to take ours to a local car seat inspection. Not that I don’t trust my wonderful husband and father in law but the hospital will not let you leave with your newborn if they feel your car seat is unsafe.  The inspection was at the CHP station and officers came around to each vehicle to check the handy work of to-be dads, moms and grandparents. Seemed like most cases the officers were taking the car seats out and putting in back in the correct way. Our car seat was not leveled and definitely not tight enough so he showed us how to do the “right”way. After Shane installed it with his supervision and was given a thumbs up we went on our merry way. I think it was worth the piece of mind.

Last night was the Breastfeeding class at our hospital. I went solo since Shane was out of town and I didn’t want to drag anyone else with me. I knew more than I actually thought I did but in the end I am happy that I went. A few things I learned were:

  • Diet doesn’t have to change, you can eat and drink anything in moderation.
  • Don’t need to wash your breasts they clean themselves.
  • Feed baby every 2 hours until mature milk comes in.
  • It takes 45 minutes for a breast to refill milk
  • Milk can “letdown” when you hear another baby cry or just think about your baby.
  • Cabbage leaves help with engorgement of breasts.

But the best thing she said was no matter how long you breast feed for, be it a week or 1 year to never feel guilty about stopping. Even one drop of colostrum has 3,000,000 immune cells in it!

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