Non-Stress test

I had my first NST at 7:30 this morning and I will continue to go twice a week until baby arrives. First thing they did was measure the amniotic fluid via ultrasound to make sure there is enough. I asked the nurse what happens if it’s low and she said that if it’s borderline low then they would put me back on bed rest and increase my fluids…AWESOME! But if it’s really low the Dr. might go ahead and have me deliver. No fear though my fluid level is fine. Then they moved me to a little area where I sat in a recliner with two monitors on my belly. One to monitor contractions and the other to measure baby’s heart rate. I was also given a little buzzer (think Jeopardy) that I was to push every time I felt baby move. Then they left me alone for about 20 minutes. The nurse came back in after 10 minutes and said that they want to see 2 accelerations from baby’s borderline heart rate in the 20 minutes. Baby K had already given her 3 so everything was looking good.

These NST are a good anxiety reducer. I can get my kick counts done under supervision and I go home knowing she is just fine. So from now on  I will get to hear her heartbeat 3 times a week until she decides she wants to meet her mommy and daddy.

One thought on “Non-Stress test

  1. It’s so nice to be able to read your blog, and we’re looking forward to seeing this mysterious Baby K.

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