Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Ankles?

About a week ago my cute little feet starting looking more like loaves of bread but Saturday they morphed into cankles. By then end of the day my whole lower leg was swollen.

At my last non stress test Friday, my blood pressure was a little high. After taking it 3 times in an hour the nurse let me go but said if I had more swelling, got a headache or blurry vision to go to triage.

So Saturday when I could feel my calves swell up and my head started to hurt I went ahead and called Triage. The nurse suggested I try taking Tylenol and resting, if the headache didn’t go away to come in. An hour and a half later I felt better. I thought the swelling looked better, however Shane disagreed.

Sunday the same thing happened and later in the evening after a nice relaxing bath I thought my face was looking a little swollen. Once Shane agreed I decided better safe than sorry and we headed to the hospital. It’s the usual protocol when you get to triage. They have you pee in a cup and fill out a form that asks questions like “Have you ever been beaten by someone in you household?” and “How many times have you been pregnant.” Then they take you to a little room where you hop on a gurney and they hook you up to a contraction monitor, baby heart rate monitor and strap a blood pressure cuff on you. The blood pressure monitor goes off every 10 minutes so the nurse can monitor you from the front desk area. After about a half hour the nurse said baby looked great but my blood pressure was high. She called the on call Dr. who wanted to get a blood test to see if I had PIH Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or also called toxemia or preeclampsia. The test came back negative which was good but the nurse still wasn’t convinced I was in the clear. They sent my home with a 24 hour urine test. I was given two big red jugs like this:

I was told to collect all my pee in these, keep them cold and bring them back to Triage tonight. The nurse suggested keeping them in the fridge but somehow putting this container between the iced tea and last night’s leftovers wasn’t appealing to the men in the house. So I put a bunch of ice in a cooler and kept it in the bathroom, this way I wouldn’t have to walk to the kitchen all night long either. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well, this whole thing is a pain in the ass.

When I bring my collection back tonight they will check it for levels of protein. Depending on how much they find, if any, the Dr. will call me and send my back to triage. I am not sure when will happen then. The nurse said they may want me to deliver if it can save us from an emergency situation.  I don’t think they will find any protein but that is just my feeling on the situation, who knows. I am term now so a planned delivery is fine with me.

I guess I wont be leaving the house today since I am bound to my new friend the red jug. I go back in for another non stress test tomorrow and my OB check on Wednesday.

I thought the full moon was tomorrow but apparently it’s tonight…..

One thought on “Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Ankles?

  1. Is Shanes original name with the “special” initials starting to sound a little better to you? LOL you did mention the whole thing was a pain in the A.S.S baahhaa 🙂
    Seriously though – hope it’s getting better…she’s almost done!!

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