Such a Good Girl

Baby K is a champ during these non stress tests. Every time she gives the nurses exactly what they need and they are always complimenting me on how “gorgeous” she looks on the monitor strips. I can hear the nurses talking to other mothers about how they need to monitor their babies longer because of this or that. Not our baby, she is making momma proud!

I dropped off my 24 hour collection last night around 9:00pm. The nurse said the Dr would call me if we had an emergency situation, otherwise I would get the results at my appointment Wednesday. I haven’t received a phone call so I am assuming all is good. Well I am pretty sure everything is fine because my blood pressure looked great today..Go figure!

Before I left the office today the nurse asked me if I had scheduled the rest of my non stress appointments already. I told her I made them through the end of April because I am ready to have this baby šŸ™‚ She said we should make them through May 6th just incase I go late. Grrreeaat!

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