Reasons I Don’t Miss Being Pregnant!

Since I am not fully recovered, I don’t have the reins back to my normal life just yet. I am sure once I do I will find many more reasons why I don’t miss being pregnant but as of now I don’t mind not hearing the unsolicited comments! It’s amazing how rude and naive some people are!

Throwing a few back. I really didn’t mind having a 9 month break from adult beverages but it is nice to have the freedom to enjoy them again!

Crossing my legs. Who knew I would miss doing this so much?

A gazillion nightly trips to the  bathroom. Enough said!

Coffee anytime of day and as much as I want.

Sleeping on my back. I was so tired of trying to get comfortable on my side. My hips and shoulders would hurt every night.

But most of all I don’t miss not being able to see this face every morning!

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