Postpartum Check up

I just got back from my OB office for my postpartum appointment. My blood pressure was still a little high but they are stopping one of the medications today and I will go back in on Monday for a quick check to see how I am reacting to not having it anymore. I really hope I can wean off the meds without my blood pressure sky rocketing again followed by the screaming headaches. On the positive side I got my car keys back (yay) and my scars are healing up nicely.

I still can’t do much of anything more for another month, although I can start baths again in 2 weeks. I do miss taking my daily baths! I got a recommendation for a good mental health counselor from the nurse, I am hoping I can get in for an appointment sooner than later being she is apparently really popular. We also talked about birth control options which obviously made Shane and I both laugh, however it is not uncommon for the infertile to magically get pregnant  right after having a baby via IVF. How unfunny would that be? Obviously I will not hesitate to start on something soon. Other than going back for some type of birth control and my blood pressure check, I wont be back in that office until September.

Kaili is 2 weeks old today and she spent the morning being a pill! She is having some digestive problems that I think are causing the crankiness. She finally fell asleep right before Shane and I left for the Drs. and she is still sleeping now almost 4 hours later. She really wiped herself out. I am lagging on pictures but I will catch up on posting some soon.

One thought on “Postpartum Check up

  1. I’m glad most everything is going well for the 3 of you now. It is only down hill from here! xoxo

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