3 Weeks

Miss Kaili Sloan is 3 weeks old today. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this past week as we are dealing with stomach issues. She seems to have trapped gas that makes her very unhappy. We feed her formula and breast milk so now we are trouble shooting are way around to figure out what is the cause of it. When Kaili left the NICU we were given the ready made formula bottles which seemed to work great, then once we were home we switched to the powder form because we had so much of it and it’s a great deal cheaper. That is when we started noticing some digestive issues. I called the Pediatrician and the nurse suggested going back to the ready made formula to see it that helps. I am crossing my fingers that this will be the solution. We are also giving her gas drops after feedings along with gripe water here and there when she is really screaming. I don’t want to jinx anything but so far things seem a little bit better…cross your fingers. It’s the most awful thing to watch your daughter scream in pain and not be able to do anything for her, it makes me want to cry with her.

Sleep is hard to come by at night. She is waking up every 2-3 hours during the night. One night it was every hour or so because of her stomach. Right now I am lucky to have Shane home, he gets up with her around 5 am so I can continue to sleep for a few more hours. Unfortunately this is coming to an end on Monday and I can see that I am really going to be tired once I am all alone. If we can get her stomach issues settle down then hopefully she will begin her daily naps again so mommy can either sleep, shower, pump or eat. I will have to decide which one or two of those I will want to do the most each day.

At 3 weeks Kaili seems to enjoy:

Tummy time; she is getting really good at holding her head up!

Sponge baths and having her hair washed.

Laying on the changing table naked.

Walks in the stroller and rides in the car.

Noisy places. We took her to her first winery last weekend and although she mostly slept through it I am sure she enjoyed herself 🙂 We sat outside and listened to a band while we enjoyed some wine and cheese.


She has also mastered holding the paci in her mouth, she gets her little fingers inside the hole and sucks away!

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