My New Life

Yesterday was my first day all alone with Kaili and I must say things went very well. I say this knowing not every day will be like this but I will take what I can get.

Her stomach seems to be a lot better and I might finally know what was causing the problem. Since I have stopped giving her my breast milk her screaming and grunting in pain has for the most part gone away. It may be something I was eating and the nurse at our pediatricians office suggested I cut out dairy from my diet for a week or two. Fingers crossed that is what was causing her all that pain.

She was a happy little camper all day until….bedtime! I don’t know what her deal was but she wasn’t having any of her bassinet last night. We kept to our nightly routine and she fell asleep after feeding like usual but woke up shortly after being put down. This continued all night long until we fell asleep together, then I tried putting her in her bouncer and that didn’t work either. So needless to say we didn’t sleep at all last night. I refuse to let her sleep in my arms, that is a terrible habit to get into. I really hope last night was a one night thing and tonight goes better.

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