Wow what a difference some dairy makes! I re-introduced my breast milk dairy free and so far she is doing great! No more straining, grunting and crying all day long, YAY! I am hoping I can slowly start adding back a little dairy into my diet like some non-fat milk so I can enjoy the 3 boxes of cereal I just bought. It’s by far the easiest thing to eat when you don’t have the time or help to make a meal. Please don’t suggest soy milk. I do not like it Sam-I-am. “I would not drink it here nor there, I would not drink it anywhere!!”

After the past few nights of Kaili’s fussiness and not wanting to sleep in her bassinet, I decided to try the straight jacket approach. We have been semi-swaddling her since day 1 due to her hand. What I mean by that is we would wrap her tight but with her hands free. Well now that her hand is almost healed and doesn’t seem to bother her and I was desperate for a night’s sleep without her in my arms. I bit the bullet and swaddled her arms down in her Halo Sleepsack last night. After a proper bath in her new bathtub, a rubdown with some lavender lotion and swaddled tight, she went down in her bassinet at 8:00 pm. She slept until midnight, no crying, no fussing, nothing. She woke up about every 3 hours to eat and went right back down until close to 7am when she woke for the day. She was like a different child last night…it was awesome! Hopefully this wasn’t a one night thing and we have found something to help her sleep better at night.

She didn’t stay awake long, after breakfast and some American Idol she fell asleep in her favorite place.

Tomorrow she is one month old. Wow!

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  1. No matter how much advice you get or read, it usually comes down to figuring it out for yourself!

  2. Kaili’s a month old already!! Time goes by so fast. I’m glad you girls are doing good.

  3. I can’t believe she is a month old already! That went fast.
    By the way – rice milk is pretty good if you haven’t tried it. Just FYI šŸ™‚

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