Play Gym Fun

I must admit, Kaili doesn’t get as much tummy time as she should. I feel like I am hindering her motor skills, so I went out and bought a play gym for her to “hang” out on. It comes with  a floor mat and some fun toys hang down that she will eventually bat at. I was originally going to get the fancy one that had all the lights and sounds on it but this one says it’s easy to fold up to take with you on the go. I thought that was better since we have a lot of traveling in our future. To make up for the missing music fun I also bought a tummy time mirror in the shape of a fish that plays music.  This will be great to take with us to the houses that have hard wood floors and hotel with carpets that are maybe not the cleanest.

I also found this adorable onesie at Target. It says it all!

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