Off We Go!

Today Kaili is 2 months old and we celebrated by taking a mini road trip to Ventura. She is getting to be such a big girl. Smiles all the time and is really trying to giggle, she just can’t quite figure it out. Her babbling is becoming more frequent, she talks up a storm while on the changing table. I don’t know why but that is her happy spot.

She did great in the car, slept most of the way but enjoyed the scenery as well. After we arrived at the hotel and unloaded ALL our stuff we headed out on foot to check out Main St., it’s only 2 blocks away! Wow! There are so many cute shops and interesting restaurants. A couple of places caught my eye, one was an Indian place called Bollywood another was  Thai/Peruvian spot, but there is no shortage of variety. Once Kaili was asleep I stopped to enjoy an Iced Coffee, people watched and fed the little birdies at a cute little cafe. After our journey around town we drove to a nearby Trader Joes for some snacks and water.

Tomorrow Kaili and I are going to visit Shane at work to meet all his coworkers and have lunch. We  have also been requested to make an appearance at his gym to meet his fitness family. I am hoping to take a walk down to the pier sometime too. It is only a few blocks away as well!

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