Meet N Greet

Today started out great, why you ask? Because Kaili slept 10 hours straight
last night. I can only hope it lasts!

After Shane headed off to work Kaili and I hung out listening to the Wiggles and drinking not very good coffee, well I drank the coffee and she watched. About 11 am we headed out to meet Shane at work to meet his “other” family. Everybody was super nice and they had a nice lunch set up which was very yummy. Kaili was adored by all of course.  After lunch I took her for a walk down to the pier. It’s so close, I only wish I could walk to the beach from my house. It was the perfect day outside.

the view from the walk to the pier from the hotel

Our little stroll by the beach wore Miss K out so I thought it would be a perfect time to sit by the pool. Her in the shade and me in the sun!

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