Friday FunDay!

My sweet baby girl was such a princess this weekend. I was a little worried how she would handle the change but no need, she did great. Shane and I spent Friday checking out Ventura. His coworkers gave us some recommendations on things to do and we really enjoyed ourselves. We started with a wine bar called the Cave, a bit pricey but they had some good wines and the food looked pretty yummy.

enjoying the Cave in Ventura

We didn’t eat there because we wanted to try a place in the harbor. It was a little french cafe called La Petit and the food was delish!! We ended the meal with the best creme brulee I have ever had, even baby girl was so happy with our choice!

happy with our choice in restaurants
amazing stuff
nothing like a good nap after a great meal

Friday night we met up with Janet and Brian at a rooftop lounge in downtown Ventura.

We enjoyed some wine and appetizers before heading off for some Indian Food. Very fun day! Kaili didn’t go down for bed easily but she slept all night long 9:00 – 6:30 🙂

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