Kaili’s First Trip To WA.

Kaili and I met Shane at LAX last Thursday for our flight to Pasco, WA.  We checked all of our luggage except for the car-seat, diaper bag and computer bag so we could have some hands free and enjoy lunch. The flight went better than expected, baby girl did great! When we arrived in Pasco we got a rental SUV and made the 3 1/2 hour drive to Tacoma. We stopped halfway for something for dinner for us and Kaili at Sonic’s Drive In. First time there and I wasn’t impressed. Kaili slept the rest of the way to our destination.

We stayed at Shane’s ex step-mom Linda’s house. She was super nice and it was a great visit. On Saturday Shane, his dad, myself and Kaili went down to Tacoma waterfront and enjoyed lunch at Dukes Chowder House before heading to Spanaway for a cousin’s wedding. It was a fun time but I must say it was an experience ( you know it’s a good ol’ time when the best man is in a wife beater during the reception) But it was really good to see everyone and the bride and groom seem happy!

Kaili wedding ready

Sunday morning we headed to Bonnie Lakes WA. to visit Shane’s stepbrother and family. We enjoy all our visits with them and this time was no exception. We spent the day in Seattle checking out the market and tasting food. I had Beecher’s Macaroni and Cheese which was delish! We also stopped at The Confectional, I saw this place on the Cooking channel and they were raving about how great the individual cheesecakes were. We took our dessert to a coffee place called Uptown Espresso know for their “velvety foam” where we enjoyed Lattes and cheesecake. The coffee was great and the cheesecake was just as good as the people on TV said it would be!

Andrew with Kaili
Emma with Kaili
Jacob feeding Kaili
Emma's closeup
daddy and Kaili at Pikes Place Market

Monday morning we left Bonnie lakes to start our drive back to Pasco. We stopped at the Bavarian town e for a look around and lunch. The Brats and beer spot we should have eaten at was super crowded and no place for  a stroller so we skipped it and ate at a recommended Italian place. The food was good but nothing to write home about. We found that the town wasn’t very stroller friendly with most shops and restaurants upstairs or downstairs so we skipped a lot.

Gordon met us at the Pasco airport where we loaded all our stuff out of the rental car and into his truck. One more hour in the car until we arrived in Walla Walla at 7:00pm and it was still 90 degrees out. It was a long day of driving, I was exhausted so I imagine so was baby girl but she did great the entire trip!

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