We Made It!

We are finally all home and rested from our nice long trip to WA. The flight home wasn’t as easy as the flight there, but it wasn’t too terrible. Kaili caught a bit of a cold the last few days of our trip, that made for an unhappy baby on the plane. She did some crying but also some eating and sleeping which helped balance it out.

I decided once we got home from our trip I would transition Kaili into her crib at night. That isn’t going as well as I hoped. I think it’s because she is used to sleeping in a small, comfy space and the crib is a bigger, flat surface. I can get her down just fine (still swaddled) but she is waking up in the early morning, anywhere from midnight to 3am. and once she is awake I can’t get her back to sleep in the crib. The first night I tried for an hour and a half…yikes! I finally gave in and put her down back in our room in her bassinet. Go figure she fell right to sleep. That is how it has been going so far. I am happy that she is sleeping part of the night in her own room and getting used to the crib. Now I just need her to start sleeping through the night again. I went out and bought a fancy shmancy crib mobile and I will put some white noise on tonight, we will see if that helps!

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