3 Month Pictures

I am late to get these pictures up since we have been on the go for awhile.

Kaili is a strong little girl, she loves to try and stand and will even move her feet in  a walking motion. She can push her chest and head up really good now while she is on her tummy. Most of the time she will roll over onto her back which must be a little scary for her because it leads to crying. She loves to hold her feet and will even fall asleep with them in her hand. Her hands are in her mouth if her pacifier is not. Drool is abundant and so is her babbling. Bath time is by far the best part of her day. I have bypassed the baby tub and put her straight in the big bath tub with a little water. She likes to splash and kick and will even push herself around with her feet. She is a little water baby and I will get her into swimming next summer!


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