4 Month Dr. Appointment

Friday we had Kaili’s 4 month baby well appointment. She now weighs 11 lbs. 2 oz. and measures 25 inches long. She is on the smaller side for her age but since she is getting so tall it’s not a nutrition issue. I wasn’t surprised that Dr. Hansen noticed her flat head. He wasn’t to concerned but he does want us to try and correct it. Since now it’s “back to sleep” flat heads are more common on babies since they spend so much time on their back. He suggested we try to keep her off her back while she is awake, more tummy time and told us to pick up an exersaucer for her to sit in. The only problem I am finding with the exersaucer is even though it says for 4 month olds, Kaili is smaller and she doesn’t quite fit in it yet. It’s day 1 and I am finding it difficult to keep her off her back. She so much enjoys laying on her play mat and grabbing her feet but that is what is causing flat head. Bummer! He said that if it doesn’t correct itself she may have to wear a helmet, even though it’s rare.

He said I could start her on rice cereal at 5 months and vegetables at 6. Right now I know I wont spoon feed her any solids until she can sit up on her own, although if I feel it’s necessary I may decided to mix in a little rice cereal in her bottle when the time comes.

She also got her vaccinations yesterday which resulted in a rough day for her. She took the shots well (Shane was with her, I was in the waiting room) but soon after she was hystericaly crying and I was close to doing the same. She seemed to calm down on the drive home but the rest of the day was exhausting. She didn’t nap at all and she seemed to be crying in pain. So sad. However she went down in her crib at 8pm and slept until 5 am. So that was a positive!

Fell asleep after fun with her feet
new crib mobile

One thought on “4 Month Dr. Appointment

  1. What about a bumbo seat or a Johnny Jumper? Trey used both of those when he was Kaili’s age.

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