First Day Care Experience

Sure it was only an hour and a half but it was the first time I have left Kaili with someone other than family. Today I took Kaili to the YMCA Kids Club while I got some exercise. They take kids 3 months and up but the “infant” area is sectioned off and the ratio is 1:6. When I arrived there were already 5 babies so luckily Kaili got the last spot, I can see that being an issue in the future. I was a little nervous walking away from dropping her off but I quickly let it go once in class. An hour and a half later when I went to get her, the club was a zoo. Kids were screaming, cying and I noticed there were some kids much older than infants in the baby area. No, I didn’t complain because I plan on going back…a lot! However, like I said before they only take 6 infants at a time so if I get there and they are full I am out of luck. I either wait or we go to plan B.

Kaili's First Day in Kids Club

I spent some time going through all of Kaili’s clothes, getting them organized by size. I got rid of all the things that don’t fit her anymore. I was always told not to buy too many things because they grow out of them so fast, but luckily Kaili just graduated from her newborn attire and is now fitting in her 3 month stuff. We got a good run out of those clothes.

The sun was calling my name so after that was all taken care of we went out to lounge in the sun…well, me in the sun and her in the shade!

Just Chillin

2 thoughts on “First Day Care Experience

  1. Love the ‘Just Chillin’ photo. Her expression is priceless. She looks like she’s just itchin’ for a fight.

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