Today was my first appointment with a personal trainer at the YMCA and I am pretty sure all my muscles are demolished. She worked me hard but it felt so good. I think this will be what I need to get my pre-baby body back.

We also had Kaili’s last hand appointment today. Dr. Vecchione said everything looks good but we wont really know how the scar will look until she is about 1-year-old. Until then just massage the scar to break down the tissue. I guess I should be doing the same to my scar as well. He also took notice of the hemangioma on her head and then I showed him the rest of them. He said they should start going away by the time she is 2 but sometimes there is a bump that remains and needs to be removed. I am thankful to be done with those Dr. visits as it is always a sad reminder of how she entered the world. Time to move forward.

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